paths, portals, and dead ends


there are places i’ll remember

the beatles

my planet is not of the common or garden variety. for a start, it is not spherical in form, but more like a pyramid tipped on its side. we have only a handful of permanent inhabitants, while many other folk pass through.

some of the planet’s crucial energy supplies are severely depleted, which means that every day is a practical struggle; it is necessary to continually balance expenditure against recharging of resources. most of the work on the planet is taken up with this task. helpers come in from other parts of the universe with supplies such as food and drink, and to offer much needed moral support.

so far scientists have been unable to explain, let alone resolve, this ongoing imbalance.

fortunately, in spite of the ecological crisis, there are a few aspects of the place which continue to flourish. for example, we have access to the full range of twenty six letters, and the ability to use these in virtually infinite variations. this means that even on days when energy is so restricted that activity has to be almost completely shut down, it can still be possible to send out brief messages to neighbouring planets (otherwise known as the outside world). another plus are the wrong planet’s several appealing satellites, which can be reached on certain days, at particular times, and in favourable conditions. we are proud to boast many positive tripadvisor reviews; despite the odd unavoidable negative reference to our shaky infrastructure and dodgy woodchip wallpaper, most comments focus on our warm, welcoming ambience, and the overall attractive postmodern/retro design style.

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