a room of one’s own


life is full of misery, loneliness and suffering – and it’s all over much too soon

woody allen

if our linear perception of time is, or could be, an illusion, why does it seem to matter so much how quickly time appears to pass? and why do some of us feel we have a personal responsibility to gain mastery over it by slowing it down?

and why do so many other unavoidable aspects of life feel like moral issues? do we navigate our way through our existence, or is life something that happens to us; is done to us, rather than by us?

i wish to find a more comfortable place to inhabit. a place where what i know intellectually and what i feel emotionally are better at being friends with one another. a space which is less either or and more both at the same time, and in some kind of harmony. a room for manoeuvre.

2 thoughts on “a room of one’s own

  1. interesting post, thanks. never mind ‘both at the same time’, for me sometimes it can feel like everything at the same. and nothing. yes it can be harder to pin down useful things like ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ but the richness in infintite streams of ideas and perspectives is intoxicating. why is ‘living in the now’ all the time so great? our imaginations allow us to expand the present with our past and futures, and those of other people. doing this makes my life ‘better’. i still need to get drunk and dance from time to time though.


  2. Can we ever hope to master time responsibly when it is such a pot luck matter of relativity? – all these little planets spinning in their different orbits, sometimes nearing the centre and sometimes spinning further away.
    time on the wrong planet might be different from time in some other worlds, but i don’t think the ‘right’ planet exists at all. to each his own world, and these dispatches from your world suggest it can be a very beautiful and mysterious place indeed ❤


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