we have the stars


let there be light

the torah

considering the wrong planet’s modest proportions, it is wonderful how many beautiful and interesting views we see; sulphur yellow on pink sunsets in one direction, and the downs softening from green through ochre to gold in the other. the moon comes up over buildings opposite, while our ever so miniature garden turns to spiders’ webs and dying geraniums out back.

and what a spectacular early autumn we have had! the light, the cloudscapes, rain coming down in sudden hearty bursts from extra deep blue skies; some days we were even treated to a rainbow.

the weather seemed to be making a special effort to demonstrate all its most impressive seasonal variations in speedy succession.

when the sun was low in the sky, long shadows cast by folk walking home from school and work; when i emerged from the subdued shade of indoors, how its brightness would temporarily blind me, so that i’d have to pause before daring to attempt to cross the road.

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